Public Videos

October 13, 2022 Membership Meeting2022-10-1339
May 19, 2022 Annual Membership Meeting2022-05-1957
Ben Boykin, County Legislator-State of the County2022-03-10196
Mayor Jane Veron, State of the Village Presentation2022-02-10177
Judy Cheng-Hopkins - Peacebuilding: What, Why, and How2014-11-021318
Lindsay Gottlieb, Coaching A Life2014-05-181370
Suzanne Nossel, The New Free Speech2013-12-152286
State of the Schools, Suzanne Seiden, President Board of Ed2013-11-131576
Jonathan Haidt, The Righteous Mind: Why Americans are so divided by politics2013-10-131485
Clifford Krauss: Decision Time: Energy Policy at a Crossroads2012-10-141493
Mayor Miriam Flisser "State of the Village" and Proposed Non-Partisan Resolution Changes 2012-10-041428
State of the State Amy R. Paulin, Where Do We Draw the Line?2012-04-261356
Glen Kramon: The Changing Times2012-04-151435
"State of the County Kevin J. Plunkett Deputy County Executive Westchester County2012-02-021438
State of the Schools & Professional Development and The Scarsdale Teachers Institute2011-11-171585
Fred Smoler: The Rise and Fall of Great Powers: America and the 21st Century2011-10-161441
State Of The Village and Proceedure Committee Updates2011-10-061546
Greening Our Way to Good Health2011-06-021365
Dr. Carol O'Connor2011-05-151674
Tax Caps: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly2011-04-281380
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