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The Need for a Long-Term Financial Plan in the Scarsdale School District
The Scarsdale Union Free School District (the “District” or “Administration”) is Scarsdale Village’s largest enterprise. With an annual budget of about $150 million, and more than 700 full and part-time employees, the Scarsdale School District dwarfs every other organization in Scarsdale Village in scale and scope. Given the District’s importance to the Scarsdale community, the Scarsdale Forum’s Education Committee (the Committee) respectfully recommends that the Scarsdale Schools Administration adopt the best practices of similar sized organizations, both public and private, to create and implement a five-year long-term financial plan to aid it in its decision making. The Committee encourages the District to undertake the creation of a long-term financial plan and a quantitative model that projects the costs of maintaining current programs and enrollment, and that takes into consideration enhancing existing plans. The Committee recommends that the School District should create an ad hoc committee of residents of all five neighborhoods who can periodically meet with the district to discuss model inputs and stress scenarios that could impact the District’s financial stability and its ability to meet agreed upon education objectives.
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